What Do You Usually Order in Your Favorite Coffee Shop?

Fancy coffee isn’t a big thing in Finland. Most coffee shops serve brewed coffee, tea, and pastries. You might find espresso and cappuccino. There’s one chain that does Starbucks-esque stuff, but they’re far outside the norm. In my favorite coffee shop I order a normal coffee and a pastry called pulla, which is just the Finnish word for bun. It’s a bread that’s similar to a cinnamon roll, except it’s made with cardamom and isn’t particularly sweet.

Coffee shops in Finland are drastically different than In my favorite coffee shop those in the United States. There’s no wifi, for a start. You don’t see people parked for hours with laptops. People go to meet up with friends and chat. When people are alone they’re usually reading the newspaper or a book. Many places have a lunch buffet, which is a single-option serve-yourself entree, usually with boiled potatoes and a vegetable.

To-go options aren’t a thing, either. If you see someone walking around with a coffee cup in their hand, you know they’re a foreigner. People get ample coffee breaks to sit and enjoy their beverage. Coffee shops serve coffee in real cups, not cardboard. They serve pastries on real plates, with real metal utensils. When you’re done, you bus your own table, too. No leaving a mess for someone else to clean up.

What Do You Usually Order in Your Favorite Coffee Shop?

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